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Market Price of Important Means of Production in Circulation, July 01-10, 2018
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In early July 2018, according to the monitoring of the market price of 9 categories, 50 kinds of important means of production in circulation in 24 provinces
China Economic Monitoring and Analysis Center
SCI International
In early July 2018, according to the monitoring of the market price of 9 categories, 50 kinds of important means of production in circulation in 24 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), the prices of 21 kinds of products increased, 21 kinds decreased, and 8 kinds kept at the same level, compared with that in late June 2018.
Market Prices of Important Means of Production in Circulation (July 01-10, 2018)
Products Units Current Price (yuan) Price Change over
Previous Period
I. Ferrous Metal        
Rebar ton 4050.4 -32.2 -0.8
Wire ton 4256.9 -30.2 -0.7
Ordinary Medium Plate ton 4380.5 -45.3 -1.0
Ordinary Hot-Rolled Sheet ton 4317.0 -43.7 -1.0
Seamless Steel Pipe ton 5177.5 -42.7 -0.8
Angle Steel ton 4266.1 -18.3 -0.4
II. Nonferrous Metals        
Electrolytic Copper (1#) ton 50141.9 -1282.7 -2.5
Aluminium Ignot (A00) ton 13950.7 -135.9 -1.0
Lead Ingot(1#) ton 20856.4 342.5 1.7
Lead Ingot (0#) ton 22718.6 -601.1 -2.6
III. Chemical Product        
Sulfuric Acid (98%) ton 320.7 16.4 5.4
Caustic Soda (Liquid Caustic Soda, 32%) ton 896.5 10.0 1.1
Methyl Alcohol (Superior Quality) ton 2838.6 98.5 3.6
Pure Benzene (Petroleum Benzene, Industrial Grade) ton 6346.4 241.4 4.0
Styrene (First Grade) ton 10955.0 -350.7 -3.1
Polyethylene (LLDPE,7042) ton 9343.2 94.6 1.0
Polypropylene (T30S) ton 9359.3 37.6 0.4
Polyvinyl Chloride (SG5) ton 6873.6 6.2 0.1
Butadiene Rubber (BR9000) ton 12364.3 563.6 4.8
Polyester Filament (FDY150D/96F) ton 9542.9 92.9 1.0
IV. Petroleum and Gas        
Liquefied Natural Gas ton 3889.2 119.8 3.2
Liquefied Petroleum Gas ton 4323.7 214.3 5.2
Gasoline (95#, National V Emission Standard) ton 8144.8 50.7 0.6
Gasoline (92#, National V Emission Standard) ton 7643.3 64.3 0.8
Diesel Oil (0 #, National V Emission Standard) ton 6691.0 64.5 1.0
Paraffin (58 # and A Half) ton 7153.3 41.9 0.6
V. Coal        
Anthracite (No. 2, Washed, Medium Pieces) ton 1197.0 18.5 1.6
Ordinary Mixed Coal (4500 kilocalorie) ton 480.0 0.0 0.0
Shanxi Mixed Coal (5000 kilocalorie) ton 560.0 0.0 0.0
Shanxi Superior Mixed Coal (5500 kilocalorie) ton 565.0 0.0 0.0
Datong Mixed Coal ton 635.0 0.0 0.0
Coking Coal (1/3 Coking Coal) ton 1180.0 0.0 0.0
Coke (Second-Class of Metallurgical Coke) ton 2181.3 -52.8 -2.4
VI. Nonmetallic Building Materials        
Complex Portland Cement (P.C 32.5 in Bags) ton 402.3 -4.0 -1.0
Ordinary Portland Cement (P.C 42.5 in Bulk) ton 432.9 -4.2 -1.0
Float Flat Glass (4.8/5mm) ton 1598.4 -4.3 -0.3
VII. Agricultural Products        
Rice (Japonica Rice) ton 4325.0 0.0 0.0
Wheat (Third-Class of National Standard) ton 2432.1 8.1 0.3
Corn (Second-Class of Yellow Corn,) ton 1765.2 0.1 0.0
Cotton ( Ginned Cotton, Third-Class of White Cotton,) ton 16035.2 -177.0 -1.1
Live Pig (External Triple Crossbreed) kg 12.0 0.5 4.3
Soybean ton 3706.7 -38.1 -1.0
Soybean Meal (Crude Protein Content≥43%) ton 3079.6 109.1 3.7
Peanut (Oil Peanut) ton 5694.0 -18.6 -0.3
VIII. Agricultural Means of Production        
Urea (Small Granule) ton 2053.5 -27.9 -1.3
Compound Fertilizer (Compound Fertilizer of Potassium Sulfate) ton 2571.4 -17.2 -0.7
Pesticide (Glyphosate, 95% Technical Material) ton 28251.8 -60.7 -0.2
IX. Forest Product        
Artificial Board (1220*2440*15mm) piece 49.7 0.0 0.0
Pulp (Bleached Chemical Pulp) ton 6030.2 -31.8 -0.5
Corrugated Paper (High Strength) ton 4796.0 11.4 0.2
Previous period was June 21-30, 2018.
1. Explanatory Notes
The market price of important means of production in circulation means the wholesale price and sale price of enterprises trading important means of production. Different with the producer price, the market price of means of production includes producer price, as well as the circulation expenses, profits and taxes of the enterprises. The producer price and market price are interacted on each other, and by reason of time-lag, the changing trends of these two prices may not be exactly the same in a certain period of time.
2. Monitoring Content
The monitoring of the market price of important means of production in circulation includes the prices of 9 categories, 50 kinds of products. For details of product category and specifications, please see the attached table.
3. Monitoring Coverage
The monitoring covers nearly 1700 wholesalers, agents and dealers of more than 200 trading markets in 24 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu, and Xinjiang.
4. Monitoring Methods
Price monitoring methods include information officers gathering prices at the field, asking price through telephone, QQ, e-mail and so on.
5. Release Date
The data will be released each 4, 14, 24 of the month in principle, which will be postponed in case of weekends or holidays.
6. Statistics of the Number of Price Rise or Fall
The number of product price rise or fall mentioned above is counted according to the amount of price increase or drop of the products.
Attached Table: Specifications of Market Price Monitoring Products of Important Means of Production in Circulation
  Monitoring Products Specifications Explanation
  I. Ferrous Metal    
1 Rebar Φ16-25mm,HRB400 Yield Strength≥400mpa
2 Wire Φ6.5mm,HPB300 Yield Strength≥300mpa
3 Ordinary Medium Plate 20mm,Q235 Yield Strength≥225mpa
4 Ordinary Hot-Rolled Sheet 3mm,Q235 Yield Strength≥235mpa
5 Seamless Steel Pipe 219*6,20# 20# Steel, Yield Strength≥410mpa
6 Angle Steel 5# Yield Strength≥235mpa
  II. Nonferrous Metals    
7 Electrolytic Copper 1# Mass Fraction of Copper And Silver≥99.95%
8 Aluminium Ignot A00 Mass Fraction of Aluminum≥99.7%
9 Lead Ingot 1# Mass Fraction of Lead≥99.994%
10 Lead Ingot 0# Mass Fraction of Zinc≥99.995%
  III. Chemical Product    
11 Sulfuric Acid 98% Mass Fraction of H2SO4≥98%
12 Caustic Soda (Liquid Caustic Soda) 32% Mass Fraction of NaOH≥32% Ionic Membrane
13 Methyl Alcohol Superior Quality Mass Fraction of Water≤0.10%
14 Pure Benzene (Petroleum Benzene) Industrial Grade Benzene Purity≥99.8%
15 Styrene First Grade Purity≥99.5%
16 Polyethylene (LLDPE) 7042 Melt Index: 2.0±0.5g/10min
17 Polypropylene T30S Melt Index: 3.0±0.9g/10min
18 Polyvinyl Chloride SG5 K-Value: 66-68
19 Butadiene Rubber BR9000 Bulk, Oyster White, Ash Content≤0.20%
20 Polyester Filament FDY150D/96F 150 Denier, AA Class
  IV. Petroleum and Gas    
21 Liquefied Natural Gas LNG Methane Content≥75%, Density≥430kg/M3
22 Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG Saturated Vapor Pressure: 1380-1430kpa
23 Gasoline 97# 97 Octane, National Emission Standard Ⅳ
24 Gasoline 93# 93 Octane, National Emission Standard Ⅳ
25 Diesel Oil 0# Condensation Point No Higher Than 0℃, National Emission Standard Ⅲ
26 Paraffin 58 # and A Half Melting Point No Lower Than 58℃
  V. Coal    
27 Anthracite No. 2, Washed, Medium Pieces Lump Anthracite With Volatile Matter between 0 to 3.5%
28 Ordinary Mixed Coal 4500 kilocalorie Mixed Coal of Shanxi Pulverized Coal And Lump Coal, Calorific Value: 5000 Kilocalorie
29 Shanxi Mixed Coal 5000 kilocalorie Mixed Coal of Better Quality, Calorific Value: 5000 Kilocalorie
30 Shanxi Superior Mixed Coal 5500 kilocalorie Mixed Coal of High Quality, Calorific Value: 5000 Kilocalorie
31 Datong Mixed Coal 5800 kilocalorie Mixed Coal Originating In Datong, Calorific Value: 5800 Kilocalorie
32 Coking Coal (1/3 Coking Coal) 1/3 Coking Coal Volatile Matter of Dry Ash-Free Basis: 28-37%
33 Coke Second-Class of Metallurgical Coke 12.01%≤Ash Content≤13.50%
  VI. Nonmetallic Building Materials    
34 Complex Portland Cement P.C 32.5 in Bags Compressive Strength: 32.5mpa
35 Ordinary Portland Cement P.C 42.5 in Bulk Compressive Strength: 42.5mpa
36 Float Flat Glass 4.8-5mm White Transparent Glass, 4.8-5mm Thick
  VII. Agricultural Products    
37 Rice Japonica Rice) Impurity≤0.25%, Moisture≤15.5%
38 Wheat Third-Class of National Standard) Impurity≤1.0%, Moisture≤12.5%
39 Corn Second-Class of Yellow Corn Impurity≤1.0%, Moisture≤14.0%
40 Cotton
 (Ginned Cotton)
Third-Class of White Cotton Fiber Length≥28mm,White Or Oyster White
41 Live Pig External Triple Crossbreed Pork Pig Cross Bred of Three Kinds of Foreign Pig
42 Soybean Soya Impurity≤1.0%,Moisture≤13.0%
43 Soybean Meal Crude Protein Content≥43% Crude Protein≥43%, Moisture≤13.0%
44 Peanut Oil Peanut Impurity≤1.0%,Moisture≤9.0%
  VIII. Agricultural Means of Production    
45 Urea Small Granule Total Nitrogen≥46%, Moisture≤1.0%
46 Compound Fertilizer Compound Fertilizer of Potassium Sulfate NPK Contents: 45%
47 Pesticide (Glyphosate) 95% Technical Material Mass Fraction Of Glyphosate≥95%
  IX. Forest Product    
48 Artificial Board 1220*2440*15mm 15mm Thick, Volume Expansibility≤10%
49 Pulp Bleached Chemical Pulp Brightness≥80%, Viscosity≥600cm³/G
50 Corrugated Paper High Strength 80-160g/M2
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