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China Heavy Truck Industry Research Report, 2011
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Sino-report Research Center Apr 2011,China Heavy Truck Industry Research
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China Heavy Truck Industry Research Report, 2011

Published: Apr/2011



Sales Manager: Wang Ming




In 2010, benefiting from large-scale infrastructure construction and rapid development of

transportation and logistics, Chinese heavy truck industry presented a fast-growing trend.

The output and sales volume of heavy trucks reached 1.0563 million and 1.0148 million in

2010, up 65.5% YoY and 59.5% YoY, respectively.

Output, Sales Volume and Production-sale Ratio of Chinese Heavy Trucks, 2009-2011 (Unit: vehicle in thou.)

This report starts with an analysis of the overall market situation including production

& sales and price tendency of heavy truck, and lays emphasis on the research of competition

pattern of the market. In terms of sales volume, the top 3 manufacturers of heavy truck in

China are FAW Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd. (22.7%), SINOTRUK (19.5%), and Dongfeng

Automobile (19.0%). These three manufacturers enjoy large market shares on market segments

including complete heavy truck, incomplete heavy truck and semi-trailer towing vehicle.

Current capacities of main heavy truck manufacturers in China cannot satisfy the market

demand. Therefore, in order to seize more market shares, most of manufacturers plan to

increase capacity. In the mean time, major new entrants gradually released their capacities

in 2010; however, they cannot change the market structure in the short term due to the limitations

of capacity, incomplete marketing network and low brand awareness.

2011 is the first year of the 12th Five-Year Plan. Driven by the continued construction of

high-speed railway, the launch of large-scale welfare housing construction and the rapid

development of logistics industry, the demand for heavy trucks will definitely increase.
 Meanwhile, major Chinese manufacturers of heavy truck expand overseas business

actively, establishing overseas marketing networks and developing vehicles fit for local

needs. With the global economic recovery, the exportation of Chinese heavy truck will

increase substantially.

1.Overview of Heavy Truck Industry in China
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.2 Development History
1.3 Technology Development Tendency

2. Heavy Truck Market in China
2.1 Output and Sales
2.1.1 Ownership
2.1.2 Output
2.1.3 Sales Volume
2.2 Price Tendency
2.3 Competition 
2.3.1 Capacity Planning of Key Manufacturers
2.3.2 Market Share

3. Market Segments
3.1 Complete Vehicle 
3.1.1 Output and Sales
3.1.2 Market Share
3.1.3 Import & Export 
3.2 Incomplete Vehicle
3.2.1 Output and Sales
3.2.2 Market Share
3.2.3 Import & Export
3.3 Semi-trailer Towing Vehicle 
3.3.1 Output and Sales
3.3.2 Market Share
3.3.3 Import & Export

4. Heavy Truck Industry Environment  
4.1 Policies 
4.1.1 Charge by Weight
4.1.2 Revocation of Charge on Secondary Road 
4.1.3 Price Adjustment Mechanism of Petroleum Products
4.2 Related Industries
4.2.1 Steel Market
4.2.2 Road Freight Market 
4.2.3 Rubber Market 

5. Key Enterprises
5.1 FAW
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 Marketing Service
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Operation
5.2.3 Marketing Channel
5.2.4 Technical R&D
5.2.5 Investment Strategy
5.2.6 Corporate Objective
5.3 Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 Marketing Channel
5.3.4 Investment Strategy
5.4 Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Operation
5.4.3 Marketing Channel
5.4.4 Investment Strategy
5.5.1 Profile 
5.5.2 Operation
5.5.3 Strategic Investment
5.6 SAIC-IVECO Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Operation
5.6.3 Marketing Service
5.7 Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd.
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Operation
5.7.3 Strategic Investment
5.8 Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd.
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Operation
5.8.3 Marketing Service
5.9 Baotou Bei Ben Heavy-Duty Truck Co., Ltd.
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 Operation
5.10 Hubei Tri-ring Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 Operation
5.11 Ziyang Nanjun Automobile Co., Ltd.
5.11.1 Profile
5.11.2 Operation
5.12 Jinggong Zhenjiang Automobile Manufacture Co., Ltd.
5.12.1 Profile
5.12.2 Operation
5.13 Nanjing Xugong Automobile Co., Ltd.
5.13.1 Profile
5.13.2 Operation
5.14 Qingling Motors Co., Ltd.
5.14.1 Profile
5.14.2 Operation
5.15 Hebei Changzheng Motor Vehicle Co., Ltd.
5.15.1 Profile
5.15.2 Operation
5.16 Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacture Company


Cooperation between key Chinese Heavy Truck Manufacturers and Overseas Counterparts
Tonnage Structure of Chinese Complete Heavy Truck
Tonnage Structure of Chinese Semi-trailer Towing Vehicle 
Vehicle Emission Standards in China
Planned and Actual Implementation Time of Chinese Vehicle Emission Standards 
Ownership of Heavy Truck in China, 2002-2010
Output of Heavy Truck in China, 2009-2011
Sales Volume of Heavy Truck in China, 2009-2011
Price Index of Heavy Truck in China
Capacity Planning of Key Manufacturers of Heavy Truck, 2010
Capacity Utilization of Key Manufacturers of Heavy Truck in China, 2010
Capacity Planning of New Entrants of Heavy Truck Industry
Market Share of Chinese Heavy Truck Industry, 2010
Monthly Sales Volume of Heavy Truck Manufacturers in the First Echelon, 2010
Monthly Sales Volume of Heavy Truck Manufacturers in the Second Echelon, 2010
Monthly Sales Volume of Heavy Truck Manufacturers in the Third Echelon, 2010
Monthly Output of Complete Heavy Truck in China, 2009-2011
Monthly Sales Volume of Complete Heavy Truck in China, 2009-2011
Monthly Sales-Output Ratio of Complete Heavy Truck in China, 2010
Market Share of Complete Heavy Truck in China, 2010
Market Share (by Tonnage) of Complete Heavy Truck in China, 2010
Import & Export of Complete Heavy Truck in China, 2007-2010
Percentage of Overseas and Domestic Sales Volume of Heavy Truck in China
Import & Export of Off-highway Dump Truck in China, 2007-2010
Monthly Output of Incomplete Heavy Truck in China, 2009-2011
Monthly Sales Volume of Incomplete Heavy Truck in China, 2009-2011
Monthly Sales-Output Ratio of Incomplete Heavy Truck in China, 2010
Market Share of Incomplete Heavy Truck in China, 2010
Market Share (by Tonnage) of Incomplete Heavy Truck in China, 2010
Import & Export of Heavy Truck Chassis in China, 2007-2010
Monthly Output of Semi-trailer Towing Vehicle, 2009-2011
Monthly Sales Volume of Semi-trailer Towing Vehicle, 2009-2011
Monthly Sales-Output Ratio of Semi-trailer Towing Vehicle, 2009-2011
Market Share of Semi-trailer Towing Vehicle, 2010
Exportation of Towing Vehicle for Semi-trailer Only
Monthly Output of Hot-rolled Sheet in China, 2009-2011
Monthly Output of Cold-rolled Sheet in China, 2009-2011
Consolidated Price Index of Steels in China, 2009-2011
Highway Freight Volume in China, 2010-2011
Index of Highway Freight Rates in China, 2009-2010
Price Index of Natural Rubber in China, 2010-2011
Closing Price of Natural Rubber Futures in China, 2010-2011
Production of Main Products of FAW, 2010-2011
Sales of Main Products of FAW, 2010-2011
Main Heavy Truck Products of SINOTRUK
Operating Income and Profit of SINOTRUK, 2007-2010
Production of SINOTRUK, 2010-2011
Sales of SINOTRUK, 2010-2011
Main Heavy Truck Products of Dongfeng Automobile 
Operating Income and Profit of Dongfeng Automobile, 2008-2010
Production of Main Products of Dongfeng Automobile, 2010-2011
Sales of Main Products of Dongfeng Automobile, 2010-2011
Sales Network of Dongfeng Automobile
Main Heavy Truck Products of Shaanxi Automobile
Production of Main Products of Shaanxi Automobile, 2010-2011
Sales of Main Products of Shaanxi Automobile, 2010-2011
Main Heavy Truck Products of FOTON
Operating Income and Profit of FOTON, 2008-2010
Production of Main Products of FOTON, 2010-2011
Sales of Main Products of FOTON, 2010-2011
Production of Main Products of SAIC-IVECO Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Main Products of SAIC-IVECO Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Production of Main Products of Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Main Products of Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Operating Income and Profit of Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd., 2008-2010
Production of Complete Heavy Truck of Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Complete Heavy Truck of Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Production of Main Products of Baotou Bei Ben Heavy-Duty Truck Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Main Products of Baotou Bei Ben Heavy-Duty Truck Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Production of Main Products of Hubei Tri-ring Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Main Products of Hubei Tri-ring Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Production of Complete Heavy Truck of Ziyang Nanjun Automobile Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Complete Heavy Truck of Ziyang Nanjun Automobile Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Production of Complete Heavy Truck of Jinggong Zhenjiang Automobile Manufacture Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Complete Heavy Truck of Jinggong Zhenjiang Automobile Manufacture Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Production of Main Products of Nanjing Xugong Automobile Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Main Products of Nanjing Xugong Automobile Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Production of Main Heavy Truck Products of Qingling Motors Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Main Heavy Truck Products of Qingling Motors Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Output of Heavy Truck of Hebei Changzheng Motor Vehicle Co., Ltd., 2010-2011
Sales of Heavy Truck of Hebei Changzheng Motor Vehicle Co., Ltd., 2010-2011

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